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Even with the cold weather outside and snow still on the ground, we can feel spring getting closer. And here, at Michigan State University, spring break is just around the corner – March 7-11. As we approach this semester break and many of you are preparing for a week of volunteer service, participating in Alternative Spring Break, or just having fun or resting, we want you to remember your safety is a priority to the MSU community.  

With that in mind, we want to remind you, while we are gratefully seeing numbers of COVID-19 cases drop, we need you to remain vigilant keeping yourself and others safe. You are still more likely to be exposed to COVID-19 if gathering unmasked in large crowds; your best protection is to be vaccinated and boosted against the virus.    

If you do choose to travel, please be aware of testing, masking and other COVID-19 rules at your destination. If you travel internationally, you will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test (regardless of vaccination status or citizenship) from no more than one day before you travel by air into the United States. More information on travel requirements as well as general safety information is available on the MSU Together We Will website 

In addition to the health and safety reminders for COVID, we want to remind you to watch out for yourself and others wherever you enjoy your break. For our students traveling internationally, across the country, within the state of Michigan or staying here in East Lansing, we offer you the following information and resources: 

  • You are safer when you stay together. Watch out for your friends and ask them to watch out for you. (94% of MSU students report watching out for friends during spring break*).
  • Be aware of the laws and consequences of choosing to drink wherever you plan to be, especially if you leave the country. Laws and ordinances are not the same in different locations. If you are concerned about a friend who has had too much to drink, please refer to this information for help: ly/MSUmtc2020. (96% of MSU students approve of getting medical help for a friend*).
  • The overwhelming majority of our students report no use of any illegal or recreational drugs at any time during the past year. This choice not to use is especially important when traveling across country or out of the country.(91% of MSU students make arrangements to get home safely when out and about on spring break*). 
  • Some of you will travel to environments that are new to you. Take time to familiarize yourself with your surroundings. It is important to know what your options are in case you need to act. If you are traveling out of the country, follow this link for a useful handout of important information: 
  • If you remain in East Lansing and are concerned about your safety, please contact the MSU Police Department at 517-355-2221 or, in an emergency, dial (87% of MSU students would call 911 to help a friend*).
  • The 24-hour emergency line, answered by MSU Police, is 517-353-3784. We encourage you to use this number any time of the day if you urgently need to communicate with someone at the university.
  • You can call the East Lansing Police Department at 517-351-4220 to request a property check while you are away.

As Spartans, we look out for each other. That means if a situation doesn’t feel right for you or your friends, say something and/or do something; it is always better to leave or intervene than do nothing.  

For those of you staying in the area during spring break, Michigan State Athletics has a special opportunity for you at the final home men’s basketball game of the season Sunday vs. Maryland (4:30 p.m.). For only $10, you will receive an upper- level Izzone general admission ticket to the game and an Izzone T-shirt. Log in to your student ticket account at to purchase this special offer. The offer is only available for current MSU students and available while supplies last. Questions? Email

Be safe, Spartans, and take this time to rest, unplug and rejuvenate! We wish you a relaxing and joyful break.   

Go Green! 


Vennie Gore 

Senior Vice President for Student Life & Engagement 

Michigan State University 




*2018 MSU U Celebrate Survey, N=832 
*2019 MSU U Celebrate Survey, N=863 

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