MSU/UM Football and Halloween Weekend Reminders

Dear Spartans,

This year, we take on the Wolverines during Halloween weekend. Unlike last year, when the pandemic kept us from attending the game in person, we can finally gather together! But we must remember, COVID-19 is still with us. We need to ensure the excitement of the game and the activities of the weekend don’t interfere with our continued good work in protecting ourselves, other Spartans and the East Lansing community.

This weekend, it is important not to let our guard down and to stay vigilant in keeping the community safe. And this isn’t just about being vaccinated and wearing masks. It’s also about watching out for each other and keeping the peace after we beat Michigan Oct. 30 (a prediction I am hopeful comes true), and then celebrate Halloween the following day.

It should go without saying, but I hope you will avoid the temptation to destroy property — including burning couches. Destruction of property can lead to criminal charges. And remember, you are never anonymous — there are public cameras and others with phones who may be recording. 

Doing what’s right also means watching out for your friends and yourself and making a plan to get home safely. Learn more at

I’m asking you to think about this now, before heading into the excitement of the weekend. Make a plan, be respectful (including being mindful of Halloween costumes that perpetuate stereotypes and cultural appropriation) and do what is best for you, your fellow Spartans and the East Lansing community. Read this article for more information about appropriate costumes.

So far this semester, you’ve shown you know what it means to be Spartan, and I’m confident this weekend will be no different.

Go Green! 


Vennie Gore

Senior Vice President for Residential and Hospitality Services and Auxiliary Enterprises

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Services

Michigan State University

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