Tori Shares Summer Bucket List, Challenges Spartans to Join

June 9, 2021

                 Tori with arms up and excited for summer bucket list.

Hey Spartans! I hope you’re enjoying your summer so far. No matter where you are or what you’re up to this summer, let’s make the most of this time we’ve been given. Even if you’re focused on your new internship or have a schedule full of summer classes, take some time to relax, recharge and do something fun.

I always find that it’s really easy to let the summer pass me by without doing anything worthwhile. This year, I want to make better use of my time and have something to show from my summer. To accomplish this, I’m going old-school and creating my very own “Summer 2021 Bucket List.”

Through my elementary years, my friends and I made these at the end of every school year, promising each other that we’d go to the waterpark once a week and try every ice cream flavor at our hometown shop. Considering we were eight-year-olds with no driver’s licenses, our summer bucket lists were more of a dream, and always a bit unrealistic. That’s not the kind of list I’m going for this year. Instead, I want to create a list of things I know I can actually do this summer. The goal is to fill my list with activities within reach, that make me feel good, both inside and out. 

So, what does that include? Well, it’s different for everyone, of course, but I came up with some rules for myself while creating my list: 

  1. Does it fuel my brain?
  2. Does it fuel my body?
  3. Does it fuel my future?
  4. Is it something new?

I think by following these four rules, I’m left with a list full of ideas that will better me as an individual, while filling up my summer and breaking the routine of Netflix-ing all day.

Below is my summer bucket list. Take what you want, leave what you don’t. We are all unique and different, so our lists should be too. Choose activities that are true to you and that excite you. Most importantly, share your bucket list with us by posting yours on Instagram and tagging @msu_sas!


  1. Try Pilates
  2. Read 5 books
  3. Sign up for a Master Class
  4. Go to the beach
  5. Go night swimming
  6. Visit my friends in Michigan!
  7. Go to Lollapalooza
  8. Visit my sister in Chicago
  9. Go to a Chicago Cubs game
  10. Paint a pair of jeans
  11. Try to find a new thrift/antique store
  12. Come up with a new smoothie recipe
  13. Try a juice cleanse
  14. Go boating
  15. Go to a drive-in movie
  16. Update my LinkedIn profile
  17. Research RSOs I want to join next year
  18. Go on a hike
  19. Road trip with friends
  20. Learn how to sew


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