MSU Student Spotlight: Meet George Pham

May 5, 2021

George Pham is an incoming senior at MSU, double majoring in Media and Information and English.


Pham holds several positions across the university. He is the visual media director for Impact 89FM, the university’s student-operated radio station within the Division of Student Affairs and Services (SAS). He is also a staff photographer for the university yearbook, Red Cedar Log, and as an intern at WKAR Public Media from Michigan State University.

Even with his many obligations in addition to his studies, Pham finds time to pursue his beloved hobbies. These include writing, thrift shopping, drinking coffee and, most importantly, anything that keeps a camera in his hands.

Best Memories at MSU

One of his favorite memories at MSU occurred shortly after Pham was hired as Impact 89FM’s video coordinator in 2019. He was assigned to film Gus Dapperton’s concert at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit. Pham lost sleep during the nights leading up to the concert, worrying that he would make a mistake or miss his angles. However, things went much better than he expected. Pham ended up creating one of Impact 89FM’s most viewed videos, even to this day. Check it out here.

While George’s list of accomplishments is long, one that stands out to him is launching Impact 89FM’s new series, “Comma, Concert.” This series was intended to launch in spring 2020, but due to COVID-19 safety concerns, it was forced to take an “indefinite hiatus,” Pham said. Knowing that COVID-19 wasn’t making a quick exit, he and his team got creative and found venues where they could safely film “Comma ,Concert.” These venues include East Lansing locations, such as Aretha’s Jazz Café, The Record Lounge, Epicenter of Worship, Pinball Pete’s and more. Pham said, he “honestly believe[s] the concerts benefitted from all of the restrictions. They forced us to get creative and move the series out of the classrooms into creative venues we hadn’t considered before, and we learned to do productions with minimalist crews safely.”

Check out “Comma, Concert” here.

The Future

So, what next? “I want to create art for a living,” Pham said. His focus is to “make a living off of touching cameras,” whether that involves freelancing as a cinematographer in a large market working on high-end productions or working in the film industry on larger productions.”

Additionally, Pham is passionate about literature and would like to become a published author in conjunction with his cinematography goals.

“What I aspire to do in life is to create visual content at the highest level, and to write books between those productions,” Pham said.

Advice for other Spartans

“The advice I would give to other Spartans is to not be so hard on yourself and trust the process. Everything takes time and being uncomfortable can be a good thing.”

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