MSU Student Spotlight: Meet Georgia Frost

May 19, 2021

Georgia Frost is an incoming senior at Michigan State University, majoring in International Relations and Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy/French and European Studies.

Student Activities

Frost is the president of the Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU), as well as the student body president. Prior, Frost served as the Freshman Class Council president, and in the following two years as the assistant vice president for Internal Administration. Additionally, Frost has served as a student representative on academic governance committees, including the University Council and Undergraduate Education, University Committee on Curriculum and the Women’s Advisory Council to the Division of Student Affairs and Services, which she co-chaired. Frost has also served on the University Student Commission for the City of East Lansing.

Outside of these MSU-related activities, Frost enjoys being outside and playing tennis, hiking and skiing.  

What Brought Frost to MSU

The James Madison College drew Frost to Michigan State; she knew there was no other program like it. “The small class sizes, essentially overqualified faculty and incredible community of solution-focused students and faculty have made [her] academic experience here nothing short of incredible,” Frost said. She believes that due to her education, she has become a significantly better critical thinker and has learned more about areas that she cares about than she thought possible.


Frost worked diligently on ASMSU’s application for an award at the Conference of Student Government Associations, a nationwide conference for collegiate student governments. Due to that work, ASMSU was awarded the Most Outstanding Student Government Award.

The Future

After Frost completes her undergraduate degree, she hopes to attend a French institution for graduate school in international affairs with a focus on security studies and diplomacy. “My dream is to work for the U.S. State Department and generally assist the National Security Council in diplomatic decision-making,” Frost said.

Advice for Other Spartans

“It sounds cheesy and maybe a bit redundant, but make the most of your time here,” Frost said. “Don’t waste time second-guessing if you should join the club you’re interested in or if you should explore adding another minor; just do it! College is about finding yourself and what you love to do. Do whatever you can that excites you, and if things go wrong, learn from your mistakes. Give yourself room to grow and change. It’s natural!”

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