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January 20, 2021



VIM Magazine is a registered student organization at Michigan State University featuring content as it relates to fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle and college life at MSU. Entirely student-run, VIM MSU publishes print issues in the Fall and Spring semesters, which are distributed to students at no cost.

Editors-In-Chief Alaina Agnello and Eve Voci have been working with the assistant editor, Bryn Feeley, to provide their nearly 250 VIM MSU members a rewarding and valuable experience despite the transition to a virtual school year. Alongside the editors, VIM MSU’s staff is comprised of 20 teams that collaborate closely with one another for events and magazine content. With four divisions; administration, business, creative & editorial, there is a place for everyone at VIM MSU.

VIM MSU’s purpose is to provide a safe space and creative outlet for MSU students. The collaborative student organization strongly encourages its members to connect with each other.

This year, VIM MSU implemented a board of diversity and inclusion to review all content and hold roundtable discussions on diversity and inclusion for VIM MSU members. We have been able to grow a lot as an organization in these past few months and we are working everyday to reach more students at MSU who may not be aware of VIM MSU.

In fall semester, VIM MSU collaborated with another fashion oriented club, MSU Trendustry, and will be partnering with Spartans Empowering Body Acceptance (SEBA) for the spring casting call February 1-5. 

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Editors-In-Chief - Alaina Agnello and Eve Voci

Assistant Editor - Bryn Feeley

How can Students Connect:

Students can connect with VIM MSU on instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and tik tok @vimmsu. In addition, VIM posts weekly blogs on its website and a digital version of all past magazines can be found under “Issues.” To learn more about the team, visit the  “About” tab under “Join our staff.”

MSU students can join VIM as general members or staff members. For general membership at any time, email VIM at for payment details. General members get access to bi-weekly meetings with fashion industry professionals, networking trips and other VIM events. To join the VIM staff, send applications to team directors when positions become available. VIM posts updates about open applications on its social media. Applications are open for spring semester through Jan. 21.







Each fall, VIM MSU hosts a launch gala event to celebrate the release of its fall issue. This is typically held at the Broad Art Museum, spending the night celebrating the semester’s work. VIM MSU also hosts a campus-wide launch the following day and passes out the magazine to students in various campus locations. VIM MSU also holds fundraisers throughout the semester.

This year, VIM MSU hosted its workshops via ZOOM and transitioned its networking trip to a virtual setting. Because this event was held online, those attending got the opportunity to speak to business leaders from across the U.S., and not only in Michigan. The editors also made it their mission to find virtual fashion conferences for VIM MSU members. In mid-November, nearly half of VIM MSU attended the Vogue Forces of Fashion event, something not possible in years prior.

In the spring, VIM MSU hosts an annual fashion show, showcasing the work of students in the Apparel and Textile Design program at MSU. This event offers MSU students the opportunity to plan, produce and promote a real fashion show. All VIM MSU members and guests can attend this event.

COVID-19 Changes

VIM MSU has adjusted to the global pandemic by moving all events and meetings online via ZOOM. While this is not ideal, VIM MSU has actually seen higher levels of engagement because more students are able to access ZOOM than an actual classroom at 8 p.m. on Monday nights. Each meeting has had 150-200 active listeners, which guest speakers greatly appreciate.

The VIM MSU team has found that with ZOOM members are more likely to ask questions because it is not as intimidating as it would be in person. This has allowed VIM MSU editors to create a closer bond with members. This semester, online workshops have also been added, such as streetwear styling tips, cooking classes, makeup tutorials, internship classes, etc., to provide VIM MSU members opportunities to get to know one another.

VIM MSU also implemented Slack this semester to stay in touch with staff more closely, and has also created a GroupMe for VIM MSU members to connect with each other.


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