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November 25, 2020


Color Me Music:  Alliance for Students of Color (CMM) was founded January 2019. CMM was established to advocate and address issues facing the students of color in the College of Music as well as other multicultural communities at Michigan State University. The mission of CMM is to support and encourage greater collaboration among music students of color while promoting scholarship and diversity education.

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  • Co-Founder – Jordyn Davis
  • Co-Founder – Jadrian Tarver
  • Treasurer – Sequoia Snyder
  • Cultural Organization Liaison – Jeremiah Flack
  • CMM Communications – Phoenix Miranda
  • CMM Community Engagement – Sean Holland II

How to Connect:


During the academic year, CMM meets bi-weekly on Sundays. All students are welcome to attend and are encouraged to bring friends. Since its formation in January 2019, CMM has been directly involved with several events and initiatives, including:

  • Hosted two CMM Black History Month Recitals (2019 and 2020)
  • Collaborative performance with MSU Jazz Orchestra I at Annual MLK Concert (2019)
  • Held various meetings with the college of music administration over the last two years to address issues of equity and belonging for students of color in the classroom and in the performance hall
  • Hosted a college-wide student forum listening session with the College of Music administration (Feb. 2019)
  • Initiated annual MSU College of Music Convocation & Block Party (Sept. 2019)
  • Presented a list of action items to the College of Music administration following the murder of George Floyd, addressing curriculum, performance practice and community practices
  • Hosted two Racial Trauma Listening Circles for Color Me Music members (Summer 2020)
  • Created a community within the college of music that is meant to uplift and empower students of color and allies
  • Held an "Election Conversations/Voter registration" session with Kyra Mitchell from the NAACP. This session informed members on election updates and tips for a safe voting experience. Once the election passed, CMM hosted a "Post-Election and Self-Care" session with Chloe Tooson from Arts Ops.
  • Featured a debut webinar on music, social justice and healing. This webinar featured professors from the College of Music and the Department of African American and African Studies, as well as the Wharton Center's Artist in Residence. The webinar will be available for streaming soon.

COVID-19 Changes:

Although COVID-19 has caused a shift in social gatherings, CMM has planned the upcoming programs:

  • Music for Social Justice student performance series
  • InConvo with Color Me Music (Webinar Series & Podcast)
  • Inviting BIPOC music professionals to provide masterclasses and performances with student members (virtual & in person post COVID-19)
  • Student Mentorship Program
  • Community engagement performances and workshops

Color Me Music is currently hosting a GoFundMe to help support the organization at


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