RSO Spotlight: Student Greenhouse Project at MSU

February 9, 2022


The Student Greenhouse Project at Michigan State University is working to build the Tropical Biodome Oasis to change people’s daily lives with an abundance of nature. This Registered Student Organization believes together we can connect with nature to alter the direction our world is moving. The Biodome will be a sustainable green technology showcase with transparent solar panels in the dome, rainwater harvesting for irrigating the garden, passive solar design, live plant and pond evaporating cooling for thermal control, and greywater recycling. Sense Hikes and Fruit Walks will be hosted inside the Biodome for multimodal sensory experiences. The interior design includes the Ecological Communications Theater, Study Lounge, Conference Room, Waterfall Courtyard, Vista Overlook and six Group Session Circle niches with space for a broad spectrum of activities. The 20 members of The Student Greenhouse Project, including the five executive board members, work to reach out to the Associated Students of MSU (ASMSU), city councils, news outlets, community businesses and county commissioners to bring the Biodome to life. The Student Greenhouse Project has won awards at the MSU Homecoming Parade and student competitions.


  • Ayokunle Osofisan – President
  • Kaleigh Rios – Vice President
  • Andrew O’Connor – Engineering Team Leader
  • Morgan Birthright – Flora & Fauna Team Leader
  • Justin Thomas – Inter Group Liaison

How can Students Connect:

Why Join?

The Student Greenhouse Project is creating a lasting environmental icon and community landmark. By joining, you can make a visible change in the world.


The Student Greenhouse Project enjoys the MSU Homecoming parade, Earth Day events, Sparticipation and outreach tabling in the residence halls and/or other campus locations.

Meetings are currently being held online via Zoom, and all are welcome.

  • Zoom meeting ID: 935 3291 8899
  • Zoom meeting password: SGP22

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