RSO Spotlight: International Samaritan

October 13, 2021

                         Member of International Samaritan and child.


International Samaritan’s Michigan State University (MSU) chapter was founded in October 2020 as a nonprofit with a focus of Improving the lives of families living in “garbage dump communities” – those communities that rely on the world’s garbage dumps to survive by working or living within them. International Samaritan at MSU works to raise the standard of living in communities throughout the world and to Improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. MSU’s chapter works to help International Samaritan’s mission through service and education. This relatively new Registered Student Organization (RSO) has 39 total members, five of which are board members.


  • Katie Belkie - Founder/Executive Board
  • Anna Reaume - Founder/Executive Board
  • Sydney Petoskey - Executive Board
  • Abbey Heideman - Executive Board
  • Clare Winter - Executive Board

How can Students Connect:

Why Join International Samaritan?

International Samaritan works together as a chapter for the betterment of local communities, as well as communities around the world, through fundraisers, activities, campus events and more. Their goal is to do good for others, while having fun within the chapter and its community of members.  


There are many events in store for International Samaritan this year. Currently, the group is participating in the IntSam Global Walk and Run, a yearly fundraiser that helps to provide food baskets for families in need. Additionally, MSU’s International Samaritan chapter is working with the University of Michigan chapter of International Samaritan and selling coffee and donuts on campus to raise money. Locally, International Samaritan holds events for the community, such as the Senior Smiles project or the Forgotten Harvest.

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