RSOs Offer Students Numerous Opportunities to Connect

October 14, 2020

Making connections and meeting new friends is part of the college experience. Even while students are studying and working remotely, there are numerous ways to connect with others and build communities. Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) helps MSU students’ network with one another while participating in unique opportunities and experiences.

The purpose of RSOs is for students to connect with others with similar interests or to discover and learn about new ideas and organizations to form communities. MSU has a variety of RSOs that cover a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Academics
  • Business
  • Environmental
  • International
  • Political
  • Racial/Ethnic
  • Religious activities
  • Women’s interests
  • Sports and leisure

Involve@State, MSU’s new engagement portal launched this fall, is accessible to all MSU students, staff, faculty, RSOs, major governing organizations and University departments. The goal is to connect students with co-curricular and educational opportunities to provide tracked engagement that ensures the experiences they want. The site will also be used for RSOs to register and re-register with the University annually. 

Involve@State website

Involve@State website. 

Involve@State makes registering simple. Once students are signed in, they are welcome to join any club or event. Students will need their MSU NetID and password verification.

Involve@State already includes events booked into 2021. With newly added meetings available almost daily, Spartans can easily organize their calendar with their extra-curricular activities. 

Ricardo Paz, a junior at MSU, noted how much he enjoys Involve@State’s functionality. “I really appreciate the events tab,” he said. “It is super convenient to find stuff that peeks my interests while also supplying useful resources. This site is great for inclusion for all. Not everyone can attend in person events, and this is a great backup to allow everyone access to the same resources.”

Involve@State websiteInvolve@State website.

Involve@State also includes webinars with professionals in numerous industries and Fortune 500 companies. For example, MSU alumni and former managing director for Deloitte, Bob West, sat down with MSU Entrepreneurship Association (MSUEA) to discuss what it takes to make a great company grow. 

“The main reason Involve@State is important to me is because it is the easiest way to organize the RSOs I am signed up with, while also managing my day-to-day schedule,” Paz said. “The right resources are catered to everyone’s individual wants and needs.”

Moving forward, Involve@State will be the hub for all things RSO related. Brian Hercliff-Proffer, assistant director of Student Life for RSOs, spoke about the impact of Involve@State. “We are hoping to make everything simpler,” he explained. “We have 700-plus RSOs activated onto the platform, meaning almost all organizations are utilizing the new advantages that we offer.”

Hercliff-Proffer explained how RSOs at MSU will utilize digital formats moving forward, even once all students return to campus. “In-person events will still occur one day, but we will still continue to use this platform ,regardless, to host digital fairs and other important webinars,” he said. “Students are always online, so the accessibility of Involve@State will help engagement tremendously.”

Involve@State will be a bridge to help Spartans transition to the digital world while also sustaining the traditional life of an MSU Student. “(The effects of COVID-19) is showing organizations different ways to be efficient,” said Hercliff-Proffer. “We are setting up everyone to become more adjusted and comfortable on how to utilize platforms and to maximize all the outputs of these sites.”

RSOs on Involve@State use a variety of tools, including ZOOM, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangout. By integrating and supporting these digital communication platforms, students can continue to develop fundamental technological skills. Some features RSOs are starting to implement are breakout rooms, screen-sharing, survey implantation, Q&A polls, livestream gaming, trivia and more.    

Involve@State was developed to ensure the MSU community could easily find and connect with RSOs and MSU programs. Spartans around the world are able to use the platform to not only connect with others in the MSU community, but to also help grow their own leadership skills.

“We encourage everyone to get in the routine of using Involve@State,” Hercliff-Proffer said. “We are helping younger students now for when they step into leadership roles, so they will already be proficient with the service.”

MSU students demonstrate how to navigate Inolve@State in this video

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