MSU Career Services Network Helps Students Connect and Determine Their Career Path

December 9, 2021

Michigan State University’s (MSU) Career Services Network (CSN) is the primary career exploration center on campus. With more than 60 professional staff and career peers spanning across 14 different colleges and 16 locations on campus, CSN can connect with numerous students, providing in-person and virtual options for maximum communication opportunities.

The organization uses the CSN Collaborative Hybrid Model, which consists of a shared governance, centralized data collection and consistency in technology platforms for students. This provides seamless access to career advising and resources, leading to greater visibility and impact for MSU students. 

Primary student services that are provided through CSN are:

  • Career and job search advising
  • Skill and interest assessment
  • Parallel planning
  • Graduate school planning
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • On-campus recruiting
  • Career fairs.

Students meet with CSN career consultants whose primary roles are to provide career advising and specialized programming for students, as well as support data collection and engagement data destination outcomes reporting.

Through the numerous student services that CSN provides, Spartans are not only able to connect with staff to help guide them through their journey, but they can also network with MSU alumni through MSU Connect, a platform that allows Spartans to reach out to alumni for advice and networking. 

These resources and professional guidance help to create success among MSU graduates. In fact, 94% of students with a bachelor’s degree from MSU are employed or have a successful outcome after graduation. MSU Connect is part of the success formula. 

“Michigan State has the largest alumni network in the country,” said Jeff Beavers, CSN executive director, adding students can utilize MSU Connect to network with MSU alumni in their respective fields.

Another resource that Career Services offers is Handshake – one of the most popular ways for college students to find jobs and internships. “Only 42% of colleges and universities have Handshake across the country and MSU was the fifth college in the country to adopt handshake,” Beavers said. In fact, Beavers helped launch Handshake at MSU, which has led to thousands of more job opportunities for students.

Through career advising appointments, MSU Connect and Handshake, Spartans are able to seek advice and connect with alumni to help them find the career path that best suits them.  However, the global pandemic, added challenges when people could not gather in person. CSN identified new opportunities for students to connect.

One of those opportunities was to create online virtual career fairs by major or industry, which led to 37 career fairs in the past year – an MSU record. Due to this success with online careers fairs, CSN has continued to utilize online capabilities which has also increased the variety of employers that participate. Online advising was also added and now 80% of requests for advising are virtual.

With numerous resources and opportunities provided by the Career Services Network, students can take advantage of services to connect and help them find the career path that suits them best.

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