ASMSU Elects New 2021 Officers

April 26, 2021

For the second time in history and the second year in a row, the Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) conducted elections for the Office of the President virtually. The Office of President consists of the president and five vice presidents. Over four days of elections, these positions were elected. ASMSU’s Office of the President Election is decided by the 58th Session of the General Assembly, consisting of representatives elected by the student body, the Council of Racial Ethnic Student (CORES) organization, Council of Progressive Student (COPS) organizations and major governing organizations.

The new officers are:

  • President Georgia Frost (she/hers/hers)
  • Vice President for Finance and Operations Alan Saleh (he/him/his)
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs Aaron Iturralde (he/him/his)
  • Vice President for Governmental Affairs Matthew Apostle (he/him/his)
  • Vice President for Internal Administration Jordan Kovach (she/her/hers)
  • Vice President for Student Allocations Harsna Chahal (she/her/hers)

Two additional appointments were also approved by the General Assembly. These appointments include Kyle Biel for Chief of Staff and Christine So for Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer.

Those elected worked diligently to prove themselves fit for their positions.

Newly elected President Frost had meaningful conversations with several General Assembly members to get feedback on her ideas and actions she wished to take if elected. To engage with the student body, Frost created a website and used social media as a medium of communication.

Frost believes she was elected president of ASMSU because she made it obvious that she cares about ASMSU. Since the beginning of her first year with the student government body, she has been undeniably dedicated and has proved herself as a valuable member, she said. Now that she’s elected, Frost is excited to help Spartans assert their identity and learn about what opportunities lie in front of them.

“ASMSU has an uncommonly far reach [in relation to] administrative decision making,” Frost said, making ASMSU’s list of responsibilities long, but adding she is “incredibly passionate about the mission of the organization” and is determined to ensure “that students have the highest quality of experience.”

New VP for Finance and Operations (VPFO) Saleh also set aside time to speak with the General Assembly to understand what their hopes were for this position. Through their conversations, Saleh developed a deep understanding of the impact he could make. Saleh dedicates his election to his experience in finance, his area of study. He has also gained experience and skills as treasurer for multiple Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at Michigan State.

Saleh is eager to get working with ASMSU operations, specifically the marketing department. “ASMSU serves as a platform for the amplification of student voices, as well as… the bridge between students and faculty,” Saleh said.

Iturralde said before being elected VP for Academic Affairs (VPAA) his priorities were to “reach out, gather interest, and fill in our student delegation to academic governance.” Much like Saleh, Iturralde also believes his past experiences played an important role in being chosen as VPAA. 

Iturralde served as the General Assembly representative for the College of Education, where he helped to pass legislation for the Satisfactory/Non-Satisfactory grading and is ready to begin his work, starting with getting more student leaders engaged in Academic Governance. Iturralde sees ASMSU as a “means [of highlighting] the diverse experiences of the almost 40,000 undergraduate Spartans.”

Apostle was eager to be elected VP for Governmental Affairs to finish reforming ASMSU’s government advocacy. Even before being elected, Apostle had key changes in mind and had already strategized their implementation. “The two main reasons I was re-elected were the work accomplished over the past semester, and my overall passion for ASMSU. 

With the election coming to a close, it is time for Apostle to get to work. He hopes to engage the general student body. He knows that ASMSU is a “powerful and influential platform for student advocacy.”

Newly elected VP for Internal Administration (VPIA) Kovach also worked with the General Assembly to build relationships with them and to hear their concerns and wishes. “To be the most effective VPIA possible, I have to be someone that the representatives are comfortable coming to with questions, thoughts, ideas, etc.,” she said.

Kovach was a 58th Session General Assembly representative, which she believes helped to make meetings more personal and informal. No matter what this next year brings, Kovach is dedicated to providing guidance to help ASMSU “pass the strongest pieces of legislation and stretch their reach further.” Kovach believes strongly in ASMSU’s ability to bring about the changes that students want to see.

Chahal, VP for Student Allocations (VPSA) spent most of her time before the elections working with the General Assembly, as well. During their meetings, Chahal discussed ideas for the department and worked with each representative to plan for the upcoming session. Like Kovach, Chahal attributes the election outcome to her experience, passion and welcoming personality.

Chahal is ready to work with RSOs and connect them with ASMSU. “ASMSU is a group of students ready to bend over backwards to ensure that every student at MSU succeeds,” Chahal said.

As is clear from the words of the elected ASMSU officers, this organization is special to MSU. Dedicated to their work and to the bettering of Michigan State University, the team begins in new roles officially Monday, May 10.

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