Treat Yourself this Halloween: Don’t Get Tricked!

October 28, 2016
SnyPhi RAs Kelci Henson-Forslund and Trever Daniels in front of a Halloween Bulletin Board

SnyPhi RAs Kelci Henson-Forslund and Trever Daniels in front of a Halloween Bulletin Board

As an RA, I have seen my fair share of Halloween blunders.  That’s why we’ve created this list of Dos and Don’ts for the upcoming Halloween weekend. 

“Halloween can still be fun, whether or not you choose to go out or stay in,” said Snyder-Phillips RA Sophia Maicki, a sophomore from Saugatuck, Mich. “There are lots of free Halloween events on campus this year, but if you do choose to go out, stick with friends and look out for clowns!"

Here’s what we’d like you to keep in mind:

DON’T fill up on suckers and SweetTarts…let’s face it, we all threw these candies away when we were younger, why eat them now?

DO eat as many Snickers as possible!! Save your calories for the good stuff!!

DON’T go without a coat! Don’t sacrifice warmth to show off your newly pierced bellybutton.

DO buy a disposable coat from Salvation Army so when you forget it, you’ll be warm on the way home!

DON’T end the night in trouble! Make sure you go out with a group of friends and stick with them. You can look out for each other and not get lost on your late night trip to Conrad’s. Just remember who’s in which costume!

DO eat! Make sure to eat and hydrate yourself before and after your night out. Remember: Jungle Juice is NOT a cure for dehydration!

DON’T accept drinks, open beverages, or baked goods from someone you don’t know! And never leave your drink unattended.

DO watch the person who makes your drink! Make sure they don’t put anything in the drink you’re allergic to—or that’s not supposed to be there.

DON’T appropriate other cultures through your costumes! That is, think about the social and cultural implications of your Native American, African American, or other costume borrowed from a culture that’s not your own. Without even intending it, you could be offending a friend or classmate.

DO wear a costume that covers at least 30 percent of your body! For warmth…obviously.

SnyPhi RAs Kelci Henson-Forslund and Trever Daniels in front of a Halloween Bulletin Board

SnyPhi RAs Kelci Henson-Forslund and Trever Daniels in front of a Halloween Bulletin Board

DON’T forget your rubbers! Remember the Duck Day posters? Most RAs are involved with Condom Connection, so make sure to grab some protection before your night out, if necessary….

DO smile!  You could be on Candid Camera! Before you jump into the Red Cedar, act crazy, or bend the law, remember that there are cameras throughout campus and town recording your antics.

DON’T let a clown drive you home! Clowns are creepy.… Even if you haven’t been paying attention to the news, you still know they’re creepy!

DO arrange for safe transportation home! Call a cab, take Uber or Lift, assign someone to be a designated driver, and make sure everyone in your group has a safe ride home!

DON’T walk into an event you’re not invited to! That could get awkward very fast, and you’ll have a better Halloween if you hang with people you know.

DO practice Safe Halloween! Our MSU Greek system will host Safe Halloween, a street carnival for the residents of East Lansing, including trick-or-treating for kids and games and activities.

DON’T forget… MSU >>> Michigan #gogreen. With the big rivalry game on Saturday, remember to stay safe, stay Spartan Classy and don’t forget to be good sports!

DO yell “Go Green/Go White” to fellow Spartans you pass!


Thanks in advance! Have a Happy Halloween!


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