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Dr. Patty Oehmke

Patty currently serves as an Associate Director in the Department of Recreational Sports Fitness Services. She has served the MSU community for over 30 years, specializing in student development, conflict resolution, and work efficiency.


Phone: (517) 432-1477


Ross Winter

Ross currently serves as an Assistant Director in the Department of Recreational Sports and Fitness Services. He has worked at MSU for the past nine years, specializing in leadership development, staff training, and intramural sports administration.


Phone: (517) 432-1487


Steve Choi

Steve is a second year graduate assistant, majoring in accounting. He's earned a BA from the Korea Military Academy and a M.Ed from Vanderbilt. Steve specializes in project management. He also likes to fish and play video games with his son.




Anna Malik


Anthony Bartolucci

Anthony B. is a Supply Chain Management junior who cherishes the Campus-Wide game day spirit. Go Green!

Anthony Meza

Anthony M. is a Human Biology senior from California who appreciates the green, unique, natural landscapes all over campus. 


Breanne Ferranti


Brooke Verble

Brooke is a Packaging junior who loves being at a large institution. She has met her favorite people through various clubs and activities on campus, "MSU has so much to offer!"

Cassidy Gardner

Cassidy is a freshman in the College of Human Medicine. She's an accomplished musician, playing 5 different instruments.

Celeste Rubino

Celeste is a History senior that enjoys the variety of class offerings and the options she has in her academic schedule.

Gurbir Grewal

Gurbir is a Computer Engineering, Graphic Design senior who loves the people at MSU. He says he has met some of his best friends here and he will always be greatful for that!

Isaac Norberg

Isaac is a packaging junior who is an active member of the MSU Fencing Club and enjoys baking sourdough bread and Dairy Store ice cream.

Jack Burke

Jack B. is a senior, majoring in Supply Chain Management. His favorite thing about MSU is the people who have had a positive impact on his experience, especially those in the IM Sports program.


Jack Willson


Jake Pappas

Jake is a junior, majoring in Finance/Political Theory and Consitutional Democracy. His favorite thing about MSU is the number of student Clubs and IM Sports that are offered each year.

Katie Miller

Katie is a sophomore, Kinesiology major. She is an active member of the Best Buddies Club. Her favorite thing about MSU is how pretty campus is during the fall. 


Kiara Rivera

Kiara is an Urban and Regional Planning senior, scheduled to graduate in Dec. of '21. She enjoys walks on campus, MSU football games and, of course, Dairy Store ice cream!

Kylee Johnson

Kylee is a Political Science junior who enjoys the sense of family and community that you feel as soon as you walk on campus. 

Lauren Lentini

Lauren is a senior, majoring in Kinesiology. She enjoys rollerblading, skating, and paddleboarding. She can also help you with your Physiology homework!

Mickey Atnafe

Mickey is a junior Mechanical Engineering major. He is very appreciative of the vast array of opportunities MSU provides to its students.

Molly Mundorf

Molly is a psychology junior who collects vinyl records. She also enjoys a good movie and MSU football games.

Nathan Cook

Nathan is a Business Management senior who really enjoys Fall on MSU's campus, with MSU football games and the changes in scenery. 

Paige Sweet

Paige is a junior in MSU's marketing program. She's a member of MSU's intercollegiate figure skating team and loves attending shows at the Wharton Center.


Raphael Barbuda

Raphael is a sophomore, majoring in Business Management. His favorite thing about MSU is the environment that makes us all feel like one big Spartan family.


Sharron Reed-Davis


Vivian Nguyen

Vivian is a sophomore who is majoring in biomedical laboratory science. She is an efficient 'nap-taker' who also works on campus as an Intercultural Aide.


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