COVID19 Fund Awards

                                                     SOS COVID-19 Fund Infographic

The temporary Support our Spartans Student Emergency Needs Fund for COVID-19 (SOS COVID-19 Fund) was established to support MSU students who faced financial challenges at the onset of  novel coronavirus pandemic. The

SOS COVID-19 total dollars awarded was $378,183. The average award was $433. Awards were made to 873 students. Awards were made to 37 percent of final applicantions. Of those, 12 percent went to international students.

Remaining final applications after Financial Aid CARES Funds distribution were 2,339.

Remaining applications after Financial Aid eligibility check, and elimination of duplicates and incomplete applications were 4,684.

Total Number of applications received (all sources) were 7,493.

Awards by class were:

  • Seniors: 37 percent
  • Juniors: 23.7 percent
  • Master/Graduate: 15.2 percent
  • Sophomores: 12.9%
  • Freshman: 7.8 percent
  • Doctoral/Professional: 3.3 percent

SOS Fund Sources:

ASMSU: 36 percent

RHA: 34 percent

Student Affairs & Services SOS Emergency Fund: 12 percent

MSU Crowdpower: 8.8 percent

CORES & COPS Collaborative Fund: 5 percent

COGS: 3 percent

Graduate School: 1 percent

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